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Before they go and sell out completely, use discount code FJ10 for $2.00 off per ticket. Hurry hurry over to the 92Y Tribeca Website

This Year’s Comedians

The line up for 2011 has been published. Click here to see it.

2011 getting Fiffdified

Tickets are can be purchased herrrrrrrrre

2009 ECNY Nomination

50 First Jokes was nominated for Best Variety Show at the ECNYs. All we need to win is your vote-y vote. Click here to cast your vote! They ask for an email for verification but that’s it. No spammin’.

We Racked Up A Doozie, Lemmitellya!

Shawn Hollenbach at the mic

Hi! FFJ Claudia here, reporting on this year’s 50 hits to the dome. (That’s an LL Cool J reference I’m old enough to make/understand.)

Last Tuesday at The Studio was the fourth ever 50FJ. Sex machine Seth Herzog got the comedy Katamari ball rolling with a bit about a carpet sample his family asked him to get cast in a sketch on the Fallon show, where he does warm up. And the show rocketed from there. JFOD, Jiwon and I sat stage left and watched in awe. We barely had time to check our lineups before the next comic was ready to be announced.  The talent kept it so tight and fun.

In the audience, we had Sean Murphy, the very Murph behind Murph Guide. There’s a lot to do in this town and we were honored to have him.  Check his recap here.

Our awesome friend Maryanne Ventrice snapped pictures, almost comic for comic: Gallery

To read about it from a comic’s perspective, visit the great Jessica Delfino’s blog. She googles herself a lot so hi, Jess! Funny shit.

If you miss us, you can catch 1/3 of us at JFOD’s new show Into The Wild, debuting at the Studio next month. Let him guide you into uncharted territory. He only looks and acts like a deadly cult leader.

On behalf of us all, thank you comics, audience and The Studio crew.  We are already excited about next year.


As we get closer to 50FJ DAY!!


NEW! Checkout the 2010 line up! SO MANY FUNNIEZ!!

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PS We’re sorry about all the exclamation points and caps. We are drinking too much ABSINTHE!!!!