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FIFTY FIRST JOKES is the sublime creation of bad-ass comedians Claudia Cogan, Jiwon Lee and John F. O’Donnell.

What exactly is FIFTY FIRST JOKES? It’s all in the name. 50 of the most magical comedians in New York City are booked together on one mega-show. They each get to tell the very first joke that they have written for the new year. It’s the first big time comedy event of the season. And it’s more fun than deep fried chocolate covered thumb wrestling. Some of the new jokes hit like a punch to the solar plexus while others flounder like elderly genitals. But, regardless, the show is a priceless insight into the mysterious subculture of live stand up comedy.

FIFTY FIRST JOKES 2011 will be the fifth anniversary of the show. Each year it keeps getting bigger and bigger. We’re so excited to see how 2011’s show will be. Which is only natural since we pour all of our love into 50 FIRST JOKES. Won’t you please join us?

Our comedians have been on/written for SNL, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, VHI, HBO, Letterman, College Humor, IFC, Leno, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Colbert Report, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, Bonnaroo Festival, The Daily Show, Family Guy, etc…

Wednesday 1/5/10
92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm
$12 in advance

Advance tickets can be purchased at 92Y Website

Produced by John F. O’Donnell, Claudia Cogan and Sachi Ezura.

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